Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Hoopla: Halloween Wreath

I needed a quickie little Halloween wreath, so I whipped up this little baby:

It only required a few ingredients & a few simple steps: 
  • Metal wreath form (from Michael's)
  • Ribbon of various colors: the bigger, patterned ribbon came from Michael's - I used 1 spool of each type. The filler ribbon came from my previous visit to the Dollar Tree (otherwise known as DT) - 1 spool of each color - purple, black, & orange.  I cut lengths of ribbon from each spool, & tied/knotted them through the middle two "rings" of the wreath. The wreath form was comprised of 4 separate concentric "rings". This helped my ribbon supply to stretch further, & you couldn't tell once the ribbon was all added. I tried to make the ribbon look kind of haphazard-like & spidery for a Halloween-ish effect.
  • White tinsel garland (has spiders on it also, but you can't really see them - also from DT). I felt lazy & didn't want to tie on more ribbon, so I just weaved this throughout the ribbon to fill in any "bald spots" & make it look fuller (including the outer "rings" of the wreath form). Talk about lazy, I actually did this step while the wreath was hanging from my front door right before the trick-or-treaters hit!  
  • Finally, I hung a felt spider web (actually a placemat, I think, which also came from DT) directly behind the wreath from the over-the-door wreath hanger. No, they are not attached, although it gives that illusion.  
So, there you have it.  Simple, quick, Halloween wreath.  I did have some inspiration from Pinterest: 

Halloween ribbon wreath           Black tulle halloween wreaths         Spider Web Wreath

However, I know mine didn't turn out quite as good as these.  Oh well, worked in a pinch!

Happy Halloween! 

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