Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Hoopla: Simple Dollar Tree Finds

The Dollar Tree is such a fun place. I mean, really! Especially if you are looking for a few little touches to complete your holiday festiveness. And of course, everything really is $1!  I have gone so crazy in there before, I ended up spending an amount of money that I was embarrassed about...

Anyway, I found this skull head (sorry, I neglected to take a before picture), so here it is after I embellished it with some colored glitter glue that I found there to give it a little extra "sparkle" (3 colors of glitter glue for $1!)

I know, there is only so much that can be done with a plastic head - unless you follow the pathway of Martha Stewart & pour glitter on the whole thing... but, I didn't feel like getting messy with the glitter, nor being Martha, so I made due with the glue thing. 

This skull thing fit perfectly in my cake stand, so there it went to sit & stare at me from my buffet.  

Not a very good picture I guess, as it appears to be staring at the ceiling... but really, I swear it was staring at me!  

I also found some little rubbery/plasticky spider things that I shoved in one of my apothecary type jars that I got from Goodwill.  Unfortunately, it didn't come with a lid, but hey, it cost all of 2 bucks (you can also see it behind the skull head above).

I also got another plastic skeleton-man that I pulled apart, let my kids attack with the red glitter glue, & then shoved in another hurricane-type jar. I think the red gives it a nice bloody-like touch.

A few other finds: the crows, cute little spiders & spooky sign, which I hung with ribbon from my favorite upcycled frame that I interchange with whatever-holiday/season-it-happens-to-be decor. 

I also got these 3 glass vases to copy an idea that I found as inspiration while browsing Pinterest, but originally from our friends @ BHG. I think also the cute little ghost candle holder came from there last year, as did the ingredients to make my skull-heads-in-a-jar. Just left it all in there & stored it away. I guess I'm lazy that way. 

Anyway, it's always lots of fun at the Dollar Tree!

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